Flying Blue

Hertz is proud to be a car rental partner of Flying Blue, the loyalty programme of several leading airlines around the world including Air France, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways, Tarom and Aircalin. 16 million Flying Blue members around the world are entitled to 800 Award Miles, exclusive rates, plus exceptional service wherever and whenever you travel.

Rent a car with the world’s leading car rental company Hertz, you can be sure to receive the recognition as a Flying Blue member you have come to expect in over 8,000 Hertz locations globally.

Flying Blue Benefits

  • Up to 15% off pay on arrival rates in France, Netherlands, UK and Ireland, and up to 5% off prepaid rates elsewhere in the world.
  • 300 Award Miles on 1 to 2 day rentals.
  • 800 Award Miles on 3 day rentals or longer.

Flying Blue Golf Club

  • Up to 20% discount for reservations at least 30 days in advance
  • 50% more Award Miles on Intermediate sized vehicles

Air France-KLM American Express card holders

  • Flying Blue members can earn bonus Award Miles for every €10 spent on Hertz car rental. Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders can earn 10 Miles, 13 Miles and 20 Miles respectively.

Flying Blue members can also redeem their Award Miles for Hertz car rental around the world.

Select your tier below to book with your Customer Discount Programme (CDP) number, and remember to show your Air France boarding pass/Flying Blue card when collecting your Hertz vehicle.

Flying Blue IvoryCDP 629733
Flying Blue SilverCDP 963123
Flying Blue GoldCDP 963122
Flying Blue PlatinumCDP 567704

Other Flying Blue tiers include: Club 2000 (CDP 620788), Petroleum Club (CDP 558860), Abonnés (CDP 628800), Jeune (CDP 962007), Voyageur Rewards (CDP 666874), Golf Club members should visit the programme website for details. Air France-KLM American Express members tiers include: Silver (CDP 54381), Gold (CDP 511000), Platinum (CDP 716953). Air France VISA card (CDP 711271).

Terms and Conditions
Flying Blue Award Miles are not awarded on corporate contract rates, promotional, staff, travel industry, and tour operator rates. Typically rates include loss/damage waivers and unlimited mileage with the exception of source France where 250km per day and collision and theft insurance apply. Typically rates exclude tax, location service charge and vehicle license fee. For all prepaid rentals in USA or Canada and weekly and weekend prepaid rentals in Europe, discounts apply to the full rate excluding tax.